Wright: Bring back American dream

Published 1:56 am Saturday, October 18, 2014


In the 53 years since voters in the 2nd Congressional District voted Republican in the Goldwater Sweep, southeast Alabama has been represented by a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives for only two years.

Erick Wright thinks there’s a chance he can be the second Democrat to break the GOP stronghold, and is challenging incumbent Martha Roby for the seat in the Nov. 4 General Election.

Wright earned a degree in risk management and insurance from Troy University, where he played football for Larry Blakeney.

Among the highlights of his football career was Troy’s game agaisnt LSU, then coached by Nick Saban.

“We had some David and Goliath games while at Troy,” Wright said. “Our motto, our mantra was ‘Anyone, anytime, anywhere. One of my fondest memories while at Troy was when Troy University played Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, LA – Death Valley. LSU was led by Coach Nick Saban at the time. It was a battle to remember. It was a tense game because Troy was leading at halftime. LSU did win the game but there was a new respect for the Troy nation. We knew not just as football players but as men that when you prepare, when you know who you are and when you know your opponent, you do not fear battles.”

He also earned a master’s in public administration. He left his insurance job to pursue the congressional seat.

“Politics was almost like the next stepping stone,” he said. “I was in the community so much, working with civic organizations and helping out, around district.

“After a while, I could see things were not changing,” he said. “I thought it was time for someone to step up and at least try.”

Wright said he wants to put the American dream back in reach “for normal people in Alabama.”

“It’s so far out of reach,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how hard you work, you pull yourself up by the boot straps. The main thing we stress is we need jobs; we need to raise the minimum wage; and we need lower corporate tax rates for small business.”

Wright criticized Roby for moving from the Armed Services and Ag committees. She left seats on both when she was appointed to the Appropriations Committee.

“These are two areas that are very important to our area,” he said, adding that he was in Ft. Rucker when the machinist union went on strike.

Wright, who grew up in Demopolis, said his father is a disabled veteran.

Wright said despite being matched against an opponent who’s raised $1 million for the campaign, he believes he has a chance if people go to the polls.

“People should have a choice,” he said. “What kind of of democracy do we have if nobody has a choice. I’m not the one with a million dollars. I’m not the one trying to progress my career and not do what’s best for people.

“I saw a problem, and thought it might be my niche,” he said. “We’re doing what we need to do to bring Alabama to a better future.

“I don’t think people will vote with party lines this year, not when it comes to this race,” he said.

“We’ve got Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians, who are tired of Congress not raising the minimum wage, tired of unconstitutional wiretapping. In every spectrum of political field, people are unhappy. I think they won’t vote along party lines.”