Brown: Grief support has helped

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sammy Brown said he is among the people who have gained comfort by participating in a grief group.

He was introduced to the meeting by a fellow group member in March, about three months after he lost his wife.

“It has definitely helped,” Brown said. “It really has helped meeting other people and hearing what they have gone through. A lot of the things they say are true, like remembering the good times.”

Brown said he tries to remember all the good times with his wife, Bobbie, who died in December 2013.

“She was a very graceful lady,” Brown said. “She had a lot of joy, and she was well liked and had no enemies.”

There are still tears shed, but he said he has learned that it is a sign of love.

“It sort of hurts you when you start thinking about things,” Brown said. “But it just shows you still have love for your loved ones.”

He said he believes he has only missed two meetings since starting and has learned quite a few ways of coping with the loss.

The group has begun working on dealing with grief during the holidays, which can be harder for members who have lost someone who was an integral part of family traditions.

This will be Brown’s first holiday season without his wife, and he said he understands that it will be a difficult time.

The Browns’ tradition was to have Thanksgiving dinner at his sister’s home.

“I’ll just have to prepare myself for how it will be without her there,” Brown said. “And remember the good times we had together.”

He said the toughest holiday will be Christmas. For 15 years, Brown said, he and his wife had spent Christmas with one of their daughters and grandchildren in Dothan.

“I know she will be missed this Christmas, but the good Lord will help me through it,” he said. “There has been a lot of help for me and my family from my church and church family.”

Brown said he is glad he started attending the meetings because he has met new people who have inspired him.

He said after you’ve been with someone for 55 years it’s hard to get over her death.

“It’s a good program, and I’d advise anyone going through any loss to join these meetings,” Brown said. “You just have to press on and go forward. You have to be a shining light for other people.”