Published 12:14 am Saturday, November 8, 2014


Winners in Friday night’s Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce’s annual chili cook-off served up very different versions of chili.

“Well, it’s a secret,” first-place winner Linda Russell quipped.

Then she explained. “I’m a dump cook. I put what I want in there, and I rarely make it the same way twice. But I did have green chilis in this one.”

Second place winner Pat Trombly said her version included taco seasoning, chili seasoning and Rotel tomatoes.

Steve Batson, who won third, made his with brisket and “special spices.” While Batson is a competitive barbecue cook, he said this is only the second time he’s entered a chili contest.

Myron and Sheila Anderson and Mike Marshall, all of Florala, judged the entries. The contest and supper were followed by an auction.