Florala chief: Noise complaints unfounded

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Florala officials say repeated complaints about noise at a new bar and grill have been documented, but are unfounded.

Multiple complaints have been filed with council members, city hall, and the police department about noise at Watty’s Bar and Grill. But those receiving the complaints are in agreement that only one person is complaining.

Councilwoman Ann Eason said she has asked Police Chief Sonny Bedsole to monitor noise levels at the bar, and that she has suggested the complainant might want to move further from town if the noise is a problem.

“Just so the rest of council knows, we have been dealing with these complaints about the noise,” he said. ” They are unfounded. I have been out twice to check myself. I sat at the church, and couldn’t hear a sound. I am documenting and they are unfounded.”

Bedsole, who once worked with the ABC Board, also said he has inspected the establishment and found it to be in compliance with state laws.

Although city officials did not reveal the complainant’s identity, Barbara Sue Dennis also has written the newspaper a letter referencing her calls and complaints.

“I have called the police two or three times about this and nothing has been done,” she said.

Dennis claims that she can hear the music at Hilltop Terrace, where she lives.