Opp passes $6.5M budget

Published 9:26 pm Monday, November 17, 2014

The Opp City Council approved a $6.5 million budget for the current fiscal year.

The 2015 fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2014, but the council voted to operate under the fiscal year 2014 budget until it could balance its new budget.

When the budget was first introduced in September, the city was facing a $600,00-plus budget shortfall. Over the last two months, the council has worked on a solution.

Mayor John Bartholomew said city officials had adjusted the numbers and the city utilities board anted up the additional $500,000 needed to balance the budget.

The budget does not include cost of living raises for employees, but Bartholomew said they have been receiving raises throughout the year.

The budget includes:

• $463,500 for parks and recreation;

• $400,400 for the administration department;

• $1.48 million for the police department;

• $368,950 for the fire department;

• $796,000 for the street department;

• $205,900 for the sanitation department;

• $123,000 for the library department; and

• $142,500 for the Rattlesnake Rodeo.

In other business, the council:

• approved a $6,000 engineering agreement for testing Douglas Avenue in order to seek a $400,000 grant for repaving the road.