Roby urged to fight lame ducks

Published 1:37 am Saturday, November 22, 2014

An open letter to Martha Roby:

As you know, the CSTPPCC has approximately 155 members in your district. Accordingly, periodically, on their behalf, we contact you regarding issues of importance.

First, I would like to thank you, as we did recently – via other media, for the excellent job you have performed on the behalf of your district. A job, in fact, which pleasantly exceeded our expectations.

The issues which we believe were necessary to document today, regard the coming Omnibus bill as well as a claim by Congressman Hal Rogers (R-KY), Chairman of the House Appropriations Bill – both of which have at their core, the unprecedented, unilateral, and unconstitutional “pronouncement” by the illegal immigrant in the White House, of defacto amnesty, November 20, 2014 – thus pardoning himself. Even Richard Nixon had to rely on Gerald Ford for a pardon.

According to Fox News this morning, Rep. Rogers said that the “president” cannot be blocked by the house via appropriations since the agency administering the Citizenship and Immigration Services is funded by fees. The obvious question is, “how would this agency go about funding the new applications “processing”, etcetera, of 5 million new applications (which were being SOLICITED by that agency PRIOR to the “Presidents” proclamation)?”

Clearly, if rounding up and deporting millions of illegal immigrants will not work, that will not work either. Anyone would be foolish if they do not think that the administration will be channeling funds to that agency from other appropriations. It is our belief that you should advise Mr. Rogers of such an apparent scenario and ask he, and your fellow representatives, to insure that a rider is attached to ANY funds appropriated by Congress, which forbids the use of tax dollars to be “redistributed” or transferred, in any manner, financially, or any other resource, by the Administration or any agent thereof, to the Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency, or any other agency, existing or created, which has as its purpose, the facilitation of the “Presidential” memo announcing the non enforcement of existing U.S. Law. Both Barack Hussein Obama, as well as Eric Holder, are infamous for subverting U.S. Law and the Constitution of the United States.

As a corollary, the perception by many persons actually serving in Congress – that the U.S. government would be necessarily shut down by non-passage of an Omnibus Spending Authority bill, is naïve and devious.

So-called “lame duck” members of Congress are attempting (as you know), to pass an Omnibus Bill that would continue funding for the Government long past the seating of the new House and Senate. Members who more adequately represent the “current” will of the people, as demonstrated by the election of just a few weeks ago.

We strongly urge you to fight vigorously against such bill and insist that any continuation of funding expire no later than Jan. 31, 2015. Further, that a rider be placed on any funding bill citing, as above, that no federal governmental agency, department, entity, including any administrator, may transfer any such appropriation to support the illegal action(s) made by the “President” regarding immigration or any other action which is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and existing U.S. Law.

Thank you again for your representation,

Ronald Hei

Carol Morreau