River Falls OKs drug dogs

Published 9:35 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Town of River Falls will soon have two drug dogs.

The council approved a request from Police Chief Greg Jackson at its monthly meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Pro Tem Mattie Freeney, who led the meeting in the absence of Mayor Patricia Gunter, said the dog is not purchased or taken care of out of any fund except the drug seizure fund.

“It is not costing the town any money,” she said. “That fund has approximately $22,000 in it.”

The request passed in a 3-1 vote with Freeney, Robert Clark and Richard Bowden voting for the measure and Cleve Harris voting against it. Councilman Gary Wages was also absent.

At last month’s meeting, Jackson told the council he couldn’t spend money from the drug seizure fund on anything except equipment.

Additionally, Sheriff Dennis Meeks had agreed to donate a cage for officer Kyle Adams’ Crown Victoria.

At that meeting, Wages objected to the purchase.

“I don’t think the Town of River Falls needs to get into the drug dog business,” Wages said.

Freeney said Tuesday night she likes to stay ahead of problems.

“If you’re abiding by the law, why would you have a problem with it?” she said. “I like to stay ahead of problems and if this is one way to stay ahead, I’m all for it.”

Jackson said he anticipates getting the dogs next month.