County’s roads earn ‘A’ from DOT

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 12, 2014

Covington County’s road department earned an “A” from the Alabama Department of Transportation in its 2014 inspection of roads.

Commissioners on Wednesday received a letter from Assistant State County Transportation Engineer about the state’s annual review of projects constructed by agreement with ALDOT using state or federal funds.

“These projects are scored based on the grading guide adopted by ALDOT,” the letter said.

If a county is negligent in the maintenance for three consecutive years, it can jeopardize future funding.

Covington County’s overall score of 92.64 was the 7th highest in the state.

Covington County had 34 reports on which it scored between 96 and 100; 106 reports on which it scored between 86 and 95; and three reports on which it scored between 76 and 85.

The county maintains 630 miles of paved roads and 670 miles of dirt roads.

-Michele Gerlach