Fleeta second graders share insight on Santa’s reindeer

Published 9:29 pm Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What Santa’s reindeer eat and how they fly may seem a mystery, but second graders at Fleeta School think they have it all figured out.

Madison Bedsole said she believes reindeer are able to fly because of the magical collars they wear, and because they eat magical carrots.

“The magic comes from their little tag on the collar,” Bedsole said. “I’m guessing there is a tag on it.”

Izzabell Wood and Cassie Vann also agreed that the reindeer eat magical carrots grown just to help them fly.

While a number of students agreed that magical carrots help Santa’s reindeer fly to each home in the world, some students had a different take on this subject.

Troy Bobo said the reindeer eat a certain type of reindeer food made specifically to help them fly, but he wasn’t sure what the food was.

McKinley Pierce said she believed the reindeer are able to fly because of magic from the sleigh.

“Santa’s sleigh flies because there is a star in front of it with magic inside that helps them fly,” Pierce said. “And they eat oatmeal that has not been cooked.”

“The reindeer fly because of the magic in the sleigh,” Eli Williamson said. Williamson said the magic for the sleigh comes from Santa, and the reindeer eat hay.

Ryder Jackson and Connor MacIntosh both said they believe the magic comes from the equipment the reindeer wear when hooked to the sleigh.

“I know that they have little bells that make them fly,” Ryder Jackson said. “They have a little thing like a necklace with bells all over it that makes them fly.”

Jackson said he didn’t know what reindeer eat, but if he were a reindeer, he’d eat popcorn.

Travaughn Adams said if he were a reindeer, he would also eat popcorn. The reindeer fly because of the magic Santa gives them, according to Adams.

“The way I think that reindeers fly is because of how the harness is made,” Connor MacIntosh said. “I think it has magic on it that helps to make it fly.”

MacIntosh said the magic came from the sleigh, and the reindeer eat magical carrots.