J.R.’s spreads Christmas cheer to ‘Rex’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 25, 2014

1225-Rex-webAn Opp man got the surprise of his life thanks to kind hearts and able hands at J.R.’s Lawnmower Shop.

Though Joe Richburg, owner of J.R.’s, and niece Robyn Reisnour may have tricked Rex King into thinking his golf cart stopped running, it was the end result that brought more than a smile to King’s face.

King, who spends a good deal of time talking to the employees at J.R.’s, immediately called Richburg to help fix his golf cart.

Richburg sent members of his team to King’s Covington Avenue home to get the cart.

J.R.’s staff worked tirelessly for a month and a half fixing the old, molded cart and transforming it into a much-improved model of its former self.

The staff painted to cart crimson, added a radio, rear view mirror, Alabama Crimson Tide insignia and “Rex’s Ride” and more to it.

Reisnour said King has been in Opp his whole life. She said doctors never clinically diagnosed King, but said his parents were told he wouldn’t live past 6.

He is now 58.

Reisnour said King attended Montezuma, where he met his girlfriend of 30 years, Vickie.

Reisnour said her Uncle Rex has the greatest attitude.

“He’s realized why God has him here,” she said. “To take care of his momma and daddy.”

Reisnour said King is self-sufficient and mows his parents’ large lot.

Reisnour said King initially got his golf cart five or six years ago to ride his father around the yard since he can no longer see.

“He used to ride a motorcycle,” she said. “And then he had a bicycle and then he got the golf cart.”

Reisnour said her uncle gets up at 4:30 a.m., every day to pray.

“He gives God the glory,” she said. “He attends Northern Heights Baptist Church nearly every service.”

Reisnour said while his cart was in the shop for more than a month and a half, Richburg offered her uncle something else to ride, but he didn’t want to do that.

On Thursday, a crowd gathered at the lawnmower shop and Richburg presented the “new” cart to King.

Richburg asked King if he missed his cart, and he replied that he did.

King was astounded when Richburg and crew unveiled his updated golf cart.

Richburg footed the bill for the entire thing to give back to King.

Opp residents are familiar with Richburg’s giving spirit, and he said God would bless him.

King thanked Richburg and the crowd that gathered at J.R.’s.

“Thank y’all for coming,” he said.