Opp data collection could improve

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 25, 2014

Data collection will become easier for the City of Opp and utilities board after the purchase of a geographical information system.

During the Monday morning meeting, the Opp City Council approved the spending of $25,000 for the Magnolia River GIS system.

Opp Mayor John Bartholomew said the purchase of the system would be split between the city and the utilities board, as it will be utilized by both agencies.

“It’ll help with data collection,” City Planner Jason Bryan said. “This system will show all of the city’s infrastructure. You’ll be able to look and see the sewer lines, electric and water.”

According to the proposal, the GIS services will include installation and training, database design and conversion services for a total cost of $41,500.

Opp City Clerk Connie Smith said those costs will actually be closer to $50,000.

The system provides the utility, public works and municipal industries the ability to integrate data into GIS systems, map infrastructure, analyze potential risks and create comprehensive reporting.

“It is needed for the city,” Bartholomew said. “We can go on there and look at the grid at any time and see where any problems are. This is an asset for the city.”

In other business, the council:

• approved the abatement of three properties owned by Kyler Frazier at 1803 W. Cummings Ave.; 402 13th St.; and lot 14 on Hwy. 84 West;

• declared a dump truck as surplus; and

• approved a contract for funding from the state for improvements on Douglas Avenue.