Mother, daughter duo cast in new western

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 26, 2014

Angie Anderson and Melissa Bullard have been cast in a western.

Angie Anderson and Melissa Bullard have been cast in a western.

A local mother-daughter pair has been cast in a new television series.

Angie Anderson and Melissa Bullard will star as saloon madam Amelia Archer, and her daughter will star as Asa Storm.

The show, “Big Sky,” addresses the American frontier realities of slavery, bigotry and greed, as well as forgiveness, hope and the pursuit of dreams.

Anderson described it as a Bonanza-like show.

Anderson, who also goes by Angie Trae, serves as the executive assistant to the show’s creator, Julie Bumgarner.

The show is set to begin filming in 2015, Anderson said.

Anderson, who is a nurse, began her acting career in 2011.

According to her bio, she was asked to be in a mini-movie/video with Marshall Law.

She said it was then that she fell in love with acting.

Additionally, she is a certified makeup artist.

Anderson said she and her daughter will be part of the original cast of the show.

“I am very happy and honored to be a team member with Big Sky,” she said. “This is the most amazing project I have ever seen. I am a true western lover and always have been. This to me, is a dream come true. The entire Big Sky team is like one big family, all working together for one goal, to make Big Sky the very best it can be.”