New year, new priorities for Congress

Published 12:19 am Saturday, January 3, 2015


The start of a new year is a great time for reflecting on the past and looking confidently toward the future.

Many like to make resolutions to give a “fresh start” to a goal. Whether it is exercising more, eating healthier, going after that dream job, or spending more time with family, many times resolutions have as much to do with what we haven’t done in the last year than what we want to do in the next. In other words, our “unfinished business” can often take the form of New Years resolutions.

That is certainly true of my hopes for Congress in the new year. There is plenty of “unfinished business” left to take care of, from jumpstarting job growth and getting families relief from burdensome healthcare policies to securing our border and reining in dangerous executive overreaches.

Partisan gridlock over the last several years has kept our country from making progress on these important issues, as well as many others. I am eager to change that in 2015, and I believe we can be successful.

One reason I am optimistic about this year is the changing landscape of Congress. After major victories on Election Day, this week Republicans will assume the majority the U.S. Senate and grow the majority in the U.S. House.

So, with measured optimism about the new year, here is a short list of issues and items I would like to take action on in the 114th Congress:

Continuing to reform the Central Alabama VA. While some progress has been made, major staffing and care efficiency problems persist.

Addressing President Obama’s immigration actions. In the coming months, Congress must work to reverse the President’s s ill-advised orders through the Appropriations process.

Providing proper funding for our military. “Sequestration” devastated our military and compromised readiness. We must reverse the trend of military cuts and restore proper funding.

Passing and enacting the Working Families Flexibility Act. My bill to offer working moms and dads more choices with their overtime passed the House last Congress, but was blocked in the Senate. I plan to try again this year.

Helping advance and pass other sensible legislation that has been held up in the Senate, such as the Keystone Pipeline, repealing the Obamacare employer mandate tax, incentivizing the hiring of veterans, and implementing reforms to help welfare recipients find jobs and lift their families out of poverty.


These are just some of the many issues awaiting Congress’ attention. In the coming months, I look forward to working to make progress on behalf of Alabama’s 2nd District.

Best wishes to you and your family in the New Year.


Martha Roby represents Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. She is currently serving her second term.