Officers’ good deeds bring tears to eyes

Published 12:18 am Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dear editor,

I saw something on the news from Dothan tonight that will make you cry since the holidays are close by.

This sheriff got all of his officers together and made them Santa and put them out on the roads stopping cars and giving the ones I believe $100 for Christmas. Some of the women were shocked and cried and hugged these officers’ necks. Also, the men were ones, also.

You know at the holidays when this comes around we need more officers like these to help people that need this done for them. You know when I saw this I cried to know that these officers and their sheriff had a heart. They did their deed for the holidays and if they need something done for them in return. Some kind of surprise for them. This was a very good sheriff and his officers to do this. We need more people like these.

Barbara Sue Dennis