Extreme lows, single-digit wind chills are expected

Published 12:32 am Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A hard freeze watch currently in effect for tonight and tomorrow was expected to be upgraded to a warning early this morning, and emergency planners are reminding area residents to take extra care with pets, pipes and people.


Covington County Emergency Management Agency director Susan Harris shared National Weather Services updates with area media yesterday.

The NWS said, “Temperatures will fall in the mid-teens inland (especially north of Hwy. 84) to lower 20s along the beaches.”

Below freezing temperatures are expected to last 14 to 18 hours, from just after sunset today through late Thursday morning.

Overnight lows are expected to rebound for Friday morning into the lower to middle 20s, the NWS stated.

Wind chills are expected to be in the single digits all the way to the coast.

As of Tuesday afternoon, EMA assistant director Alan Syler said there have not been any publicized efforts to open shelters in Covington County. That effort would likely come from a church, if necessary, he said.

During hard freeze warnings, residents are reminded to take extra care for pets, pipes and people.

• People – Check on the elderly, and use caution with indoor space heaters.

• Pets – need a means for warmth, or they will become stressed.

• Pipes – should be wrapped, and/or left dripping to avoid freezing and breaking.