Opp residents unite for weekly prayer

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 9, 2015

A 25-degree day didn’t turn people away from praying together for the City of Opportunity yesterday afternoon.

Robert Boothe, owner of WOPP, and Joe Richburg, owner of JR’s Lawnmower Shop, have both come together to promote praying for the city of Opp as a way to unite the residents.

The pair, along with numerous other citizens, have decided to come together on the steps of City Hall at noon every Thursday to pray for the city. They also encourage residents to take a minute out of their days to pray wherever they may be.

“This is all we seem to commonly agree on, prayer,” Boothe said. “We want it to become a habit that on Thursday you think about Opp at noon.

“We do unite on prayer; it’s the only thing we unite on,” he said.

There is no one person in control of the prayer group, Richburg said, but he and Boothe will be making sure there is someone to lead the prayer.

The pair is hoping to ignite a desire in the residents of Opp to pray for the city, and Boothe hopes it will bring everyone together on a common issue.

“If you have a problem with the police department, pray for them instead of jumping up and down,” Boothe said. “If you have some problems, don’t take it to Facebook, pray about it.”

Approximately 12 merchants, city leaders, pastors and retirees showed up to Thursday’s prayer on the steps, despite the cold weather.

“I think 12 was a great turnout despite having 20 degree temperatures,” Richburg said. “It’s just a great way to pull our city together, and we’ll see an increase. It’s all about praying for our city.”

Fire Chief Cory Spurlin, Councilmen Arlin Davis and Mike Booth, Reverend John Lawrence, Larry Pressley, Pastor Randy Breedlove, Pastor Gary Miller, Pastor Larry Jackson, Harold Sorrells and Robert Edwards attended the prayer at city hall.

“Brother Gary led today, and we’ll have many more leading it in the days to come,” Richburg said. “It wasn’t an all day thing, we were back in our cars before long.”

Councilman Booth said he thinks the prayer group is great, and everybody needs prayer.

“It’s good to see people out,” Booth said. “Prayer is a good thing whether it’s in Opp or not.”