Elvis at 80

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear editor,

Something I have forgotten to do. January 8 (was) Elvis Presley’s birthday. You see, every since I was 13 years old, I have been Elvis’s friend all these years. You see, I got to see him in person six months before he passed away. Me and some friends went to see him at the Garrett Coliseum in MOntgomery the 25th of February. This was at night on a cold day. Our tickets were $14 to see him. It was every bit with it. You see, we had seats that were four rows behind. He was in front of us. He started throwing those scarves and Larry Hattaway and Connie Adams were on each side of me and I was in the middle. So I have collected everything of him over the years. So now I’m trying to get rid of some things of him now.

My walls are full of pictures of Elvis Presley. I will never forget him as long as I live. He was born in 1935 and passed away in 1977. I had forgotten about him ‘til I saw this in the paper about the little girl. By the way, the night we went to see him, there was a big sign outside. It said, “Sold out.” You see, his birthday is the 8th and mine is the 6th. Just wanted to write about this. I will never forget him.

A fan,

Barbara Sue Dennis