Sweet Valentines

Published 12:16 am Saturday, January 31, 2015


Miracles’ store opens Monday

Meredith’s Miracles will open its Valentines Store this coming Monday. The store is located in the Prestwood building on the Square.

Meredith’s Miracles executive director Emily Yehling said the store will feature several new items this year, thanks in part to the work of Ellen Foreman.

As always, there will be candy sundaes, which are $15 each. Varieties include Hershey’s kisses, Reese’s cups, peppermint, and bubblegum. This year, the store also offers an anniversary sundae of Lindt’s truffles. The anniversary sundaes are $25.

The store features a number of homemade items by Mrs. Foreman, also known as Gigi. Of special interest are strawberry-shortbread cookies sandwiched with freeze-dried strawberries and dipped in chocolate. The cookies are packages in small berry crates, and are $15.

She also has created Love Shacks, or tiny cup-sitter cookies; Love Meredith, sugar cookies featuring the Meredith’s Miracles logo; Tickled Pink Biscotti; Speckled Biscotti; Conversation Hearts sugar cookies; Red Velvet Kiss Truffles, and Pink Champagne Truffles.

Her ladybug cookies are designed as companion pieces for ladybug mugs.

She also has Love you S’more, which are s’mores on a stick in white and dark chocolate; and his and her camouflage cookies.

The store also offers balloons and balloon bouquets, and every person who buys a sundae will be entered into a drawing for one of three balloon bouquets.

The store will be open weekdays beginning Monday from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., and on Sat., Feb. 14. Meredith’s Miracles volunteers will deliver valentines on both Fri. and Sat., Feb. 13 and 14.