Portemont survives elimination, advances on ‘Big Break’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Andalusia native Zach Portemont survived episode one of Golf Channel’s “Big Break” Monday night.


It was a nervous night for fans of Portemont, who found himself in the first elimination contest of the series, after failing to secure immunity in the glass breaking and straight shot challenges earlier in the show.


Australian native, Kyle Scott, was furthest away from the line in the final immunity challenge, and was thus automatically placed in the elimination challenge.


Scott then had to pick between Portemont and another contestant to face Scott in the elimination challenge. Scott selected Portemont, but said there was no rhyme or reason for the selection.


The elimination challenge pitted the two contestants in a one-hole stroke play match on a tricky par 5. The winner would move on to the next show, and the loser would be packing his bags for an early exit. If they tied, then both players would be safe and move on to the next show.


Both golfers had nice long tee shots that put them in position to layup in front of the green for their second shot. Portemont’s second shot didn’t go as planned, and found a thick patch of rough off the left fairway. Scott’s second shot stayed in the fairway, and it appeared that Portemont would be sent packing.


Portemont had different aspirations, though, and hit a beautiful shot out of the rough that landed on the green about seven feet from the pin. Scott’s third shot also found the green, and was also about seven feet from the hole.


Portemont was up first on the green, and just missed the birdie putt. He had to settle for a tap in par. Scott followed with a putt that stayed just left of the hole, and he also settled for par.


With both golfers turning in par scores they both advance to the next round of challenges.


You can watch the Portemont compete on “Big Break” Monday night’s at 8 p.m. on the Golf Channel. Follow Portemont’s every step on his journey to the PGA Tour at www.zachportemont.com.