‘09 recipient participates in water events Saturday

Published 12:34 am Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Julie-Layton Bryan and her family know the importance of Cancer Freeze. After all they were among the recipients in 2009.


Bryan, who is 11, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in her left eye in November 2008. The Straughn sixth grader underwent intraarterial chemo in New York and had clean scans for months.

But in 2013, her mom, Stephanie Bryan, said she knew something was wrong.

After a great check-up in December 2012, Julie-Layton began having headaches and complaining of blurred vision in her “good” eye.

By late January, the family learned there was good chance the cancer had returned.

Enucleation of her left eye was scheduled for early February.

$40K-plus raised for cancer patients

She now has a prosthetic eye and is cancer-free.

For the first time since her diagnosis, Julie-Layton was able to participate in the water events at Cancer Freeze on Saturday.

She was able to tube in the waters of Lake Jackson.

“It was awesome and fun, but the water was cold when my brother pushed me in,” July-Layton said. “It was a great feeling to know that I was doing this for others, just like people did for me in 2009.”

Stephanie Bryan said it was great for the whole family to fully participate in Cancer Freeze.

“To finally be in a position where she isn’t in treatment, having complications, or about to return for a check-up immediately following Cancer Freeze is a huge relief,” she said. “We are beyond blessed to be able to watch her enjoying this day. We thank God for bringing her to this point of being a happy, healthy child, six and a half years after her initial diagnosis. And our hearts and prayers go out to those in our community who are in the midst of their fights.”

Julie-Layton was two-years cancer free on Feb. 4.