Readers react to same-sex marriage

Published 12:31 am Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When news spread on Friday that Covington County Probate Judge Ben Bowden had announced that he would not issue marriage license for same-sex couples and that he would no longer issue marriage licenses to couples outside the county, it was met with different viewpoints.

Star-News Facebook followers were quick to chime in on the ever-heated topic on Friday, and as the issue evolved over the weekend. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to issue a stay that would have given Alabama time to appeal its case before same-sex marriage licenses were issued, and Roy Moore, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, ordered all probate judges not to sell the controversial licenses.

Here’s what local people had to say about the topic.

Chris Stuard said, “Thank you Judge Bowden. I believe that when something is voted on and decided as rule or law by a majority of people that no judge or lawmaker has the authority to change it.”

Donald Elmore said that while he always follows the letter of the law, “I don’t think that no man has the right to tell another man or woman who they can or cannot be with. That’s not our place.”

Alexandria Adams said it was wrong.

“Denying people a marriage license simply because of who they love is completely wrong,” she said. “To treat them as second-class citizens is immoral.”

Stephanie Hyde agreed.

“It shouldn’t matter. As long as two people love each other and only wants what’s best for each other,” she said. “Then who is the state of Alabama to say they can’t get married? A marriage ceremony is done for man’s benefit not God’s. I don’t remember reading about weddings in the Bible. The law is the law, Judge Bowden. If same-sex marriage is legal, the issue the license.”

Teresa Tolbert said that being on the right side of history means “that we do now, though unpopular or even with consequences – here’s looking at you Judge Bowden – what is the objectively right thing to do even though our current sociology is all twisted up by this.”

Glen Padgett said, “while we are expected to follow the law, our judge bows to politics.”

“If you all agree with what the judge did, then you might as well cancel marriage for blacks and whites, too,” said Shun Parker. “There’s more interracial marriages in this county than anything. So for you to say it’s wrong, think about what you did in your past because nobody is perfect.”

Deborah Brooks said that “God gave everyone free will. He also gave them instructions on how to live your life to inherit His kingdom.”

Others such as Danielle Rodgers said she was tired of “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” references.

“If you admit that homosexuality is a sin and are trying to justify yourself then you have a big problem,” she said.