Driver’s licenses increase $12.75

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 12, 2015

Renewing a driver’s license just got a bit more expensive.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency raised the rate by 54 percent on Monday.

The new cost is $36.25, up from $23.50 for four years.

Comparatively speaking, Georgia charges $20 for five years; Mississippi charges $24 for four years; Tennessee charges $19.50 for five years and Florida charges $48 for eight years.

The Covington County Probate office announced the increase on its Facebook page Monday.

“We learned late Friday afternoon that the cost to renew or replace a driver’s license would be increasing,” the post said. “We learned this morning that the actual increase is $12.75, effective (Monday) morning. This is an increase from the state, not the county.”