Sewerage, phone changes needed in jail

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 12, 2015

The farther along the county gets with the addition to its jail, the more things it finds it needs to add to the original plan.

On Wednesday, Chairman Bill Godwin told commissioners they needed to approve a change order to the contract with the architects.

“The way the specs are drawn up, there’s nothing in it for the installation of phones for inmates,” he said.

County maintenance director Kevin Kennedy also is working with the architect, general contractor and City of Andalusia to get the new facility, which will house women only, tied in to the city’s sewerage system.

Kennedy said the city would not accept the new facility with the sewerage as designed by the architects, but said a grinding pump had to be added.

“The general contractor is responsible for the grinding pump and the first manhole in the design,” Kennedy said. “We or someone else has to be responsible for the grinding pump and a second manhole.”

Kennedy said he’s talked to the Association of County Commissions and the architects to determine how best to manage the project without having to let more bids. The commission authorized him to work out an agreement with the city.