McKathan: Gay unions are great wrong

Published 12:01 am Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dear editor:

Sometimes, when I consider whether to do a thing or not, I like to list out the pros and the cons of the matter. I write down the reasons to go forward, and likewise, the reason not to go forward. I do this so as to try to make the best decision I can. As I contemplated writing this letter, I found myself making my usual list.

First, the cons: Such a letter may make some people think I don’t care for them, even though I do; it could hurt somebody’s feelings when I have no wish to hurt anybody’s feelings; and it could give opportunity not only for well-meaning rejoinders, but also those of the baser sort. Moreover, given the nature of our present society, such letters are mostly unheeded.

After thinking about the cons, I very nearly walked away from my keyboard, but habit caused me to continue my process. So:

Second, the pros: Right and wrong matters. I cannot think about only my own convenience, because the world we leave to our sons and daughters is more important than that. Morever, there is this admonition: “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” Ezekiel 33:6. There is thus a duty to warn.

So, having reasoned myself into a moral box, the letter must be written, and you are apparently reading it. Here is the sum of the matter:

God’s word is true. It proves itself to be so. Its great number of fulfilled prophecies excludes the possibility that its accuracy can be explained as a coincidence. It is likewise proven true by its many end times prophecies that we see playing out before our very eyes. Its tenets, if followed, invariably improve life. Ignoring them invariably has the opposite effect.

Perhaps for these reasons, Western civilization has always depended upon God’s word as an anchor and guide in defining both good and evil. Now, many would apparently choose to abandon that guide, though they give us no real inkling as to how the Bible’s compass for truth might be replaced. Presumably, they desire us to simply “chunk it out” and do what the government or the press applauds on any given day. As for me, I don’t think that particular substitution is very appealing.

Slowly, and by degrees, our nation has been conditioned to believe many evils are really not so bad. Blasphemy, adultery, habitual drunkenness, drug abuse, sex without marriage, laziness, refusal to work, unfair treatment of employees, churchlessness, divorce on demand, abortion, ling, manipulation, slander and exclusion of the faith from pubic debate ar, today, not even given much thought, but they are all wrong and they are all contrary to God’s revealed will. Moreover, they have much increased the sufferings of the people.

By fiat, we are now told by federal authorities we must accept homosexual “marriage” as many apparently desire partners of the same sex. Desire, however, is not a sound guide for ordering society. Truth is. In that regard, God’s word indicates such unions are wholly unacceptable.

Given the state of our country, why should we now proceed further in abandoning the wisdom of the ages on this question, to turn instead to the perverse “wisdom” of the last few years? There is no good reason.

Various past societies have thought to ignore eternal truth in governing. They instead chose to rely on the intelligence of man in making moral decisions. These have included revolutionary France, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China. By ruling gin that fashion, they all became cultures of death and destruction.

Our federal overlords haven’t learned much from these histories. Instead, they have usurped more and more power until there is nothing much left in this “democracy” for the voters to actually control. The voters have resoundingly said “no” to binding homosexual unions. As usual, the feds could care less.

Ultimately, I understand that my voice is apt to be drowned out. I also understand that I don’t know everything. Even so, I have been taught by costly experience that God is who He says He is and that He will ultimately have the final say.

Homosexual unions may be forced on us, but, in the end, they will not do, they are a mistake and they are a great wrong. Duty demands I say so.

Sincerely yours,

Ashley McKathan