Megan’s words: Stay strong, never give up

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When Barbara McClain was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, Megan Kelley, then months into her journey with cancer, helped prepare a care package for her, and wrote this letter. The Kelley family asked that we share it, because it says so much about their daughter. Mrs. McClain immediately agreed to share her part of the story. The two families have many ties. Megan’s letter follows:


Hey Mrs. Barbara! I am so very sorry for your recent news. It broke my heart knowing what you have to go through.

From the moment the doctors told me, my first thought was that God tells us 365 times in the Bible, do not fear. From that moment on, every time a little fear or worry would enter my mind, I would just remind myself of this. I know you are a natural happy and positive lady so I want to encourage you to keep that attitude. It will help you improve greatly.

As you know, chemo can make your taste buds funny. One thing that was a major help to me during this time was switching to all plastic silverware. I don’t know if this will help, but I thought I would share a tip that helped me.

UAB is an awesome hospital, and if you go there you are in awesome hands. I don’t know why God chose you and I for this journey, but I can tell you that He has chosen us for a reason. You are about to be totally overwhelmed with support and love. Although I wish I wasn’t chosen for the journey, looking back, I wouldn’t change one thing.

My family loves you so very much, and we pray for you every single day. Every morning, start out your day with a smile and say, ‘God, let me have a good day today!’ Also, use this opportunity to make Mr. Bill treat you like a queen.

Good luck, stay strong, smile, and never give up!

Love you,

Megan Kelley