Man has searched 2 decades for rock type

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 20, 2015

Nearly 20 years after finding a mysterious rock, an Opp man is still looking for answers to identify the object.

Chris Austin said he found the rock while riding a four wheeler in rural Covington County.

“Through the years, I’ve had people look at it,” he said. “But no one knows what it is.” 0220-rock-boy

Austin said a little while after he found the rock, he rode back to the location and found another piece, but hasn’t found anything since.

“I’ve had some geologists who couldn’t ID it,” he said. “Hundreds of people have asked about it.”

Austin said he had a friend who is a geologist who graduated from the University of Alabama and he was 90 percent sure he had never seen anything like the rock.

Additionally, a husband and wife team spoke to him about the rock, and had a piece of rock that was “pretty close” to it, but wasn’t it.

“I just want to find out what it is,” he said. “I’ve spent 100s of hours studying it.”

Austin said it’s kind of like the rock just “fell out of the sky.”

Austin said if anyone has a suggestion of what they think the rock is, to contact him at 334-208-9776.