Congress should be less partisan

Published 12:39 am Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dear Editor:

As a Vietnam Nam veteran and a dedicated American, for over 40 years now I’ve witnessed a weak-kneed Congress that’s much more interested in partisanship and reelection than they are interested in protecting American lives!

Always, Congress is a day late and dollar short. Let’s be honest: voting habits verify that despite how we vote, we are philosophically INDEPENDENT! I call on those of like mind to contact all our Congress persons as I have done today!


Dear Congress Person Roby:


Why does your party feel so free to disrespect the president of the people?

History will not be kind to such unAmerican chicanery. Why is Congress delaying in working with the president in approving funding for defeating ISIS. You have no good excuse, and the American lives that will be lost before Congress acts will be laid on the doorstep of Congress and the GOP in history books for centuries to come!

Respectfully yours,

Mike Purnell