‘Frog’ taught lifetime values

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It was with great sadness that I read the obituaries in the paper today.

One of them, Megan Kelley, was of a young person (19) that died too soon and exuded life to so many for too short a time. I did not know her personally, but I know of her from many people, that she surely impacted. She was an example of strength, faith, pure love for her savior and for her fellow man. She will be long missed and long remembered.

Another was of Lamar “Frog” Gunter (78), a distant relative, with whom I was reacquainted in the Andalusia Manor Nursing Home where my mother resides. I had not seen him for about 50 years and knew nothing about how his life was spent. It turns out that Frog, was for all practical purposes, alone in this world, having relatives, but they were unable to care for him.

This story is about watching someone step in and provide Frog the friendship and assistance during his last few months that was sorely needed. Why did this person do it? His comment to me was “because Frog had been my mentor when I was a small child and as I grew up. He lived close to us and he was there when I needed him. He always had time for me.”

Though Frog was not wealthy or influential, he imparted values that will last a lifetime, by just having time to take a little kid fishing. The person, of which I am writing, saw to Frogs needs. He brought him clothes, came to see him, took him on trips outside the Manor and made sure he was cared for in the hospital. I only met this person after Frog entered the Home. I grew up, knowing and being around his parents, but moved away before he was born.

I am absolutely sure that nothing he did for Frog was for notice, but I noticed, and I would like to say to Ricky Harrelson, “thank you for the things you did.”

Kylan Lewis