Wilson eager to get started at Straughn

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 5, 2015

Straughn Tigers’ new head football coach Chris Wilson is eager get to work on the 2015 football season.


Wilson was hired Feb. 18.


Before taking the Straughn position, Wilson was the head football coach at Washington County in Chatom. During Wilson’s five years at the helm, Washington County amassed a record of 58-11, and two state championship appearances.


Wilson was also a 1994 graduate of Washington County High School. Wilson attended the University of Montevallo where he played baseball for four years.


Though Wilson had previous coaching experience, his first head football coaching position at his alma-mater Washington County.


Wilson was the head baseball coach at Vestavia, Cordova and Lincoln, before going home to Washington County. He also coached football at all his previous stops.


One of the things that drew Wilson to Straughn was the character of the players.


“One of the biggest things that drew me to Straughn was how hard they work,” Wilson said. “Their work ethic and discipline was impressive, and they play with a lot of intelligence. From what I’ve seen on tape, they don’t make many mistakes.”


One of the biggest tasks that lie ahead of Wilson will be finding replacements for the many seniors from last year’s team.


“We have a lot of skill players to replace,” Wilson said. “But we have some guys returning that I believe can step up and fill the roles. We will be strong at linebacker and at defensive back.”


Wilson said the Tigers began weightlifting on Tuesday, and getting prepared for spring practice in late April.


“We are going to it a little different than they are use too,” Wilson said. “Our workouts and practice will be fast-paced, because that is the type of game we will play. I’m ready for spring training to get here, so we can see which of the young guys are going to step up.”


During spring training the Tigers won’t work much on implementing game plan, but rather focus on the physical aspect of the game.


“We aren’t going to put in much time on putting in any kind of system in the spring,” Wilson said. “But we are going to work on conditioning, and find who will have that will be as physical as possible.”


The Tigers will begin summer workouts in June, and Wilson said the players have a certain number of mandatory workouts.


“Starting in June, we will begin conditioning four days a week with Friday through Sunday off,” Wilson said. “I was a kid once, so I know these guys want to have their weekends off. They can leave on Thursday spend the weekend on the beach, and be back by practice on Monday.”


The Tigers will spend three days a week hitting the weights hard Wilson said, and the fourth day will be spent on the field working on skill development.”


Wilson doesn’t have a set offensive scheme in mind yet, but said that there will be differences from last year.


“Right now, we haven’t figured out what we are going to do on offense,” Wilson said. “That will come as we get to know each other better, and see where we have players step up at. I can say that we will come out under center more than they have in the past. We will always keep the option game a part of any offensive scheme to have something the kids are familiar with.”


Wilson said that one of the things that impressed him since coming to Straughn was the competitiveness displayed by the Tigers.


“From watching them play basketball and baseball, I’ve never seen them play with a lack of enthusiasm.” Wilson said. “It is fun to watch kids compete like that, and it makes me excited to see how they are going to compete on the football field in the spring.”


Wilson also said he has heard great things about the support the Straughn community shows to all of its student-athletes.


“Everyone has told me about the atmosphere around Straughn during football season,” Wilson said. “I’m ready to experience it first hand.”


Wilson said he has enjoyed getting to know his players in the short time he has been at Straughn, and he is chomping at the bit to hit the practice field for spring training.


“We are still getting familiar with each other as players and coach,” Wilson said. “We will set goals as we learn how it is going it is going to go, and that is one reason spring practice is so important.”


Wilson has been married to his wife Caty for three years, and they have two children ages 2 and 5 months. Wilson also has four children from a previous marriage ages 13, 11, 10 and 7 years old.


Caty is currently a teacher at Washington County, but will be moving down during the summer Wilson said.