Herbal meds might have extended life

Published 4:59 pm Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dear editor:

Something I need to say and everyone please listen to me. When Newton found out he had cancer, he was told he had six months to live.

Well, something came up and his life lasted a year and six months. You know what it was? We found out about this Indian doctor in Atmore, that he saves people’s lives unless the cancer has gone too far.

Well, we went to Atmore and found this Indian doctor. He gave Newton three packs of herbs and told him to come home, go to the store, and get a pint of gin and mix it with a pack of these herbs. Shake it up good, then in the morning take a tablespoon of it, then at lunch, take another one and then at bedtime, take another tablespoon full, then keep on ever day until all are taken up in the bottle. When all three packs are taking up, go back and get three more packs and sooner or later, if not gone too far, you will be cured of cancer. No pay but whatever you wanna give. So we did.

So Newton lived one year and six months after he was told he had six months to live. I have the address and telephone number of this Indian doctor if anyone wants to try him out. Just call me and I will give it o you. My number is 334.858.3869.

Barbara Sue Dennis