Opp proposes $3.5M capital plan

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The city of Opp discussed a three-year capital improvement plan at Monday night’s work session.

The long-range plan includes $3.5 million worth of improvements to the city, with the city’s expected contributions being $2.1 million.

“These are long-term projects we want to tackle,” City Planner Jason Bryan said. “We have new targets and others are ones we didn’t get to do last year.”

Among the improvements is the resurfacing of approximately 15 streets.

Streets included are Memorial, Paulk, Lawerence, Foster, Lillie, Saunders, Barnes, Old Perry Store, Fairview Avenue, Rosalie, Brantley, Griffin, West, Burgess, Hendley and Morgan.

The projects are expected to be paid for through gas tax revenue and general fund money.

Other projects include: sidewalks to schools through a ALDOT TAP grant, which will put new sidewalks near the schools. The anticipated cost is $503,930, with the city’s matching portion being $138,866.

The city has received grants for improvements on Douglas Avenue to help bring more jobs to Alabama Aerospace Manufacturing. The project is estimated to cost $719,115, with the city contributing $110,000.

A renovation of the depot is included in the plan, which will be paid for through a TAP grant. The project is estimated to cost $710,000 with the city contributing $310,000.

Other items in the plan include:

• $50,000 toward a park;

• $80,000 for a new dump truck;

• $35,000 for a new police vehicle;

• $45,000 for personal protection gear;

• $75,000 for crew trucks;

• $250,000 for mill removal;

•$100,000 for drainage improvements on various streets.

The council is expected to vote on the plan at its next meeting.