AHS drops area contest to UMS-Wright

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 27, 2015


Andalusia couldn’t get anything going, and fell 1-0 to UMS-Wright Thursday night in area soccer.




“We didn’t play bad,” Bulldogs’ coach Tim Ramsden said. “We just needed to play a little harder and more physical.”




It was a tight contest from the start, and neither team was able to score in the first half.




UMS got a goal off a corner kick a few minutes into the second half for the only goal of the contest.




“I felt like UMS had more chances,” Ramsden said. “But only because we let them have more chances.”




Ramsden said AHS had a difficult time getting going on offense.




“I told them after the game that if we would have played the first part of the game like we played after they scored, it could have been a different result. We just didn’t give Wain (Yongkuma) and Shelbee (Matthews) enough chances.”




There weren’t many highlights in the game, but Ramsden said that Cameron Phillips played his best game of the season, and made some hard tackles.




“I think we are going to need some help from some other teams for us to make the playoffs,” Ramsden said. “But we are still going to try very hard to win our last three area games.”