New coffee shop opens in Andalusia

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Joe's Barista co-owner Joe Davis poses behind his counter Monday afternoon. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Joe’s Barista co-owner Joe Davis poses behind his counter Monday afternoon. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Joe Davis pushes a button on his espresso maker and within seconds, a hot and steamy dark liquid pours out two shoots into a small glass mug.

Davis was busy making one of his many espresso-based coffee drinks Monday at Joe’s Barista, Andalusia’s newest coffee shop.

Davis, who co-owns the barista along side of his wife, Carmen, said the coffee shop has been open since last Wednesday.

“We serve espresso-type drinks — lattes, cappuccinos, mocha lattes and frappucinos. We make tea and chai tea — cold and hot — and smoothies,” Davis said.

Additionally, the coffee shop sells muffins and everything is homemade.

Davis said the idea to open a coffee shop inside the soap lady’s store came about because there was a lot of space.

“It was just too much room for soap so we decided to put in a coffee shop inside of it to go with it,” he said.

“Andalusia needs a coffee shop. People are always asking about coffee,” Carmen said.

Davis serves coffee from a window inside of the soap lady’s shop, where an area has been set aside for couches, a piano and tables for customers.

In the fall, the plan is to knock down the wall on the right side of the store and make room for an open mic room, where people can come and play their guitar and read poetry, Davis said.

“It’ll be set up the same as this with couches and tables,” he said, adding that the mic room will be open during the afternoons.

Davis said he wants to make the new room look similar to the famous Central Perk coffee house in the famous “Friends” sitcom.

“You’re going to walk into the cafe and see it as kind of homey,” Davis said.

Since he’s been open, Davis said he’s had a few customers.

“We haven’t really advertised much right now, but we’re learning,” he said. “I used to own the Gable’s restaurant at one time. I put my ex wife through college cooking in Miami as a chef, but I skimmed back to coffee.”

In addition to muffins, Davis said the shop will have key-lime deserts and cheesecake for sale.

“Right now, we’re serving coffee and muffins,” he said.

Joe’s Barista is open in the mornings from 6:30-10 Monday through Friday for right now. The shop is located on South Three Notch Street, right across from the Andalusia Public Library.

Davis said as the business grows, he’ll extend his hours.