No regrets for finding courage to change

Published 12:22 am Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I stood in front of the mirror and struggled a little trying to fit the curve of a new earring in my earlobe. Then it slipped right in place. A friend made this lovely pair of earrings that perfectly match a necklace I have been wearing for several months. I had several pairs of earrings that “sort of” matched the necklace, but I never thought they looked just right. I am delighted with this gift and received a compliment on it the first time I wore them.

For years, I resisted having my ears pierced despite my daughter nagging me about it. Maybe I took too seriously something someone once said to me. The statement, “If God had intended for us to have holes punched in our earlobes, he would have put them there,” came accompanied by a snort and a twist of the head. Too, I knew I had thick earlobes, something I inherited from my daddy’s side of the family. I realized having my fat earlobes pierced would be painful.

My daughter’s insistence for piercing my ears started a long time ago when I could still comfortably wear screw earrings. Then over a short time, they just quit appearing on the market. My other alternative was clip earrings. They hurt me, even those with little pads on them. Even if I loosened them, they were still painful and in danger of slipping off.

One day I went shopping with my daughter and found myself being steered toward a shop advertising a special on ear piercing. “Aw, come on Mom, you will be glad you did,” my daughter urged as she motioned me toward the back of the store. “Well, why not?” I asked myself since I had recently lost two sets of pretty clip earrings. In a flash, I found myself seated on a stool. A young lady marked a point on each earlobe and got my approval as to the locations. The next minute pain seared through one ear and the “puncher” prepared her tool to work on the other. “What in the world am I doing?” I asked myself, knowing it was too late to turn back.

“If I had known I had to clean my ears three times a day for eight weeks and wait that long before I could wear other earrings, I would never have done this,” I growled to my daughter as we walked out of the store with a pair of posts in my ears. Secretly, I was glad I finally got up the nerve to do it.

During those eight weeks, I started searching for some pretty new earrings for my pierced ears. Funny thing was I noticed a lot of clips that appealed to me. That was long ago, though. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a collection of pierced earrings. I have long since pushed that strong statement aside that somebody made and have never regretted having my ears pierced.