Crop dusting company leases SARA T-hangar

Published 12:03 am Thursday, April 23, 2015

A new tenant has signed a month-to-month lease for one of the T-hangars at South Alabama Regional Airport.

SARA Co-director Jed Blackwell said this week that LESO Aviation, a crop dusting company, requested the lease.

Blackwell said he took the rate and square footage charged for the twin hangars and “did the math” to come up with a $1,350 a month rent payment for the company.

“We had a problem with electricity, where we couldn’t separate it from the terminal and other buildings,” he said. “So, we worked with Covington Electric to get an average usage for the building.”

That rounded off to be about $200 a month.

Blackwell said LESO Aviation would pay the $1,350 a month plus the $200 each month for electricity.

Blackwell said they are required to be EPA and ADEM compliant.

However, they would mix their chemicals offsite and bring them in by truck a couple times each year.

If there is any spillage, the company is responsible for proper clean-up.