Mizell Memorial using mental health month for awareness

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 8, 2015

Mizell Memorial Hospital is using mental health month as a means to educate the community on mental health and drive down the stigma associated with mental health illnesses.

“Mizell Memorial Hospital and the Senior Behavioral Care Unit take this opportunity to educate about mental health an dour unit because the stigma of mental health illness can sometime cause those that need help not to receive services when needed,” said Marketing Coordinator Kristen Averitt. “It is important to know the signs and symptoms so that proper treatment can be obtained.”

Averitt said the SBCU is a short term unit for adults ages 55-plus.

“It is an important unit to have as a resource in our area because as our adult population continues to live longer the need increases for our services,” she said. “The access to a unit such as this in Covington County allows for family members to continue to be involved in the patient’s care and to see the patient.”

If you notice any of the following symptoms, your loved one may be experiencing emotional illness:

• insomnia or too much sleep;

• unusual behavior;

• poor appetite or overeating;

• disregard for personal appearance;

• impaired judgment;

• thoughts of suicide;

• forgetfulness, confusion or disorientation;

• trouble completing ordinary tasks.

For more info, call 493-9134.