Four-wheelers, golf carts shouldn’t be on roads

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 16, 2015

As a concerned citizen living in the Babbie Community, I find myself wondering why the four-wheelers and golf arts, which are not licensed, insured, and most are driven by young people who do not appear old enough to possess a driver’s license, are allowed to travel on our county roads. Many of these vehicles re traveling at speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour on dirt roads that are narrow and rutted. I personally have experienced people passing my vehicle (on Homer Smith and George Boles Roads) when I was driving approximately 30 mph. In my opinion, this is a danger not only to the operators of these vehicles, but also to the pedestrians using these roads.

I spoke to a county officer some months ago who informed me that the sheriff’s office had been told not to issue citations to operators of golf carts or four wheelers, but rather just tell them to stay on the side of the road. This appears to be a travesty of justice. If I, as a licensed operator, driving a vehicle that meets all the criteria to be street legal, broke the law, I am sure I would be citationed and expected to pay a hefty fine.

Now, my question is this. Why can’t the officers that are patrolling these and other county roads not follow the law and citation people who are blatantly breaking the law?

Please understand I know our younger generation sadly lacks in proper places to go and have fun. I would loe to see some type of safe place for them to go and enjoy their youth. Maybe even a track or trail for them to ride and compete. I am not down on our youth, I just want to see them live to be productive adults.

I have two grown children. Thankfully, where we lived had things available to keep them out of trouble.


Nancy Vaughn