Wildcats of the future

Published 12:03 am Thursday, June 4, 2015

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More than 30 future Wildcats were in attendance for the third day of Florala High School’s Young Wildcats summer basketball camp on Wednesday.




“It has been really good,” Wildcats’ head coach Troy Stewart said. “The kids keep me on my toes. We are covering the basics of the game. We have had a good time so far. One kid even told me that this was the best camp he has ever been to.”




Stewart, along with a few members of his girls and boys high school basketball teams, run the camp, and teach basic skills and fundamentals for the kids’ basketball futures.




Several drills were run to teach the kids passing, dribbling, form, three-point stance, rebounding, boxing out, defensive stance and defensive slide.




“We run a lot of different drills to get the kids familiar with all aspects of the game,” Stewart said. “We try to keep it fun for them so that they not only learn something, but they also enjoy it. We have a little dribbling competition called cat and mouse. The kids love it, but it helps them learn ball control and to dribble with their heads up. We have also been playing a tournament all week, and I let my high school players draft the teams and coach them. The kids really enjoy that, and it also gives my players a chance to see what it is like coaching.”




Stewart said that the kids get chances to win different prizes, such as old Florala basketball jerseys, for winning different competitions.




“I’m hoping that they will wear the jerseys to our games this year to show support,” Stewart said.




Along with prizes given every day during camp, Stewart also said that every camper will receive a camp T-shirt at the end of the week.