Is your train headed for the collapsed bridge? There is hope

Published 12:02 am Saturday, June 6, 2015

By the Rev. Maxwell Moody

All of you who have never fled to the Lord, Jesus Christ, are on a train hurtling toward a deep gorge with a collapsed bridge.

The engineer at the controls is Satan.

The train has just made its last stop prior to arriving at the collapsed bridge.

During this stop, the conductor is warning people of the consequences of remaining on the train.

He also informs them that they have the opportunity to get on another train, which will ensure that they will arrive safely at their destinations.

Some asked if they could transfer using the ticket they had paid for to ride the doomed train.

“Oh, no,” replied the conductor. “Your sins purchased that ticket. But I have some good news! Another has paid your fare to ride this train. In fact, He paid for it with His own blood.”

All He asks is that you admit that you were on Satan’s train because you are a sinner and that you have no fare with which to purchase a ticket on my train.

You see, the engineer on this train is the Lord, Jesus Christ.

In boarding this train, you accept Him as Lord and Savior.

There may be some trouble along the track, but none that He and you cannot handle. There will be no collapsed bridge.

The engineer will see that you arrive safely at your destination.

Satan’s train is in the process of boarding and leaving the last station. Which train are you boarding?

A word of caution, do not try to pay for your fare on this train by working. If you think you can, please read what the engineer, himself, said in Matthew, Chapter 7, verses 21-23.

“What is your destination? Contrary to what some try to convince themselves of, there are only two choices. Some plan on having the chance of coming back and doing better in their next life. Even if this was possible, they would still be sinners by nature and could not live a sinless life. Some say they believe that death ends it all. But God says that we are eternal-with the final state being either one of eternal death and suffering, or of eternal life and bliss.”

“Time is short and this world is indeed hurtling toward destruction. Don’t delay, today is the day of salvation.” (II Corinthains 6:2) If the Spirit is tugging at your heart, get on board.

He does not tease, but He may withdraw the invitation, if you don’t value the price paid for your ticket enough to gratefully respond.