Tying up a championship

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Three days of high-speed action at the Alabama Junior Rodeo Association state finals came to an end Saturday at the Covington Center Arena with several cowboys and cowgirls taking home buckles.




Caitlin Tisdale used three strong days to secure her spot at the top of the goat-tying event, second in breakaway roping and third place in team roping. Tisdale also finished second overall in the 6-8 grade girls.




On Saturday, Tisdale beat everyone in goat tying, including the boys, with a lighting-fast time of 9.81 seconds.




“Goat tying is my favorite event,” Tisdale said. “I practice tying my dummy 100 times each day, and I train my horse twice a day. I also have to keep myself in shape. It is a lot of hard work and practice that goes into it.”




On Friday, Tisdale took a spill off her horse as she was dismounting in the goat-tying event, and was in obvious pain after making her way to and tying the goat.




“I’ve had a banged up knee for a bit,” Tisdale said. “But when your adrenaline gets going you don’t feel it until it starts to wear off. I had it wrapped so tight with tape today (Saturday) that it wouldn’t bend.”




Overall, Tisdale said that it was a really good weekend.




“I had two good pole runs and two nice barrel runs,” Tisdale said. “In team roping, we made a catch on Friday, but just missed it today (Saturday). We did have good teamwork, though. My least favorite event is the poles, and that’s more to do that my horse and I just aren’t the same page yet. I just got her about midway through the season. It takes a lot of time and practice to get in tune with the horse.”




Jaden Musgrove turned in good times goat tying, pole bending and barrel racing, but came up just short of a top three finish needed to win a buckle.




Musgrove’s time of 27.602 seconds in the pole-bending event put her in eighth place on Saturday. Musgrove finished eighth in both barrels and goat tying as well.




“I felt like I did pretty well,” Musgrove said. “Goat tying is my favorite event, and I felt like I did the best in it.”




Musgrove said her best moment of the state finals came when she won Friday’s pole bending event with a fast time of 21.838 seconds.




“My win on poles Friday was good,” Musgrove said. “That was my best time ever on poles”




Overall, Musgrove said she really had a good time at the state finals competing and getting to see good friends.