Bridge club turns 25

Published 12:02 am Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shown are Frances Ptomy and Barbara McLain. | Courtesy photo

Shown are Frances Ptomy and Barbara McLain. | Courtesy photo

Special to the Star-News

On May 14, 2015, the 1990 Bridge Club celebrated its 25th anniversary with a luncheon and cards at the Andalusia Country Club.

Barbara McClain and Frances Ptomey, charter members of the club, hosted the event. Assisting Mrs. McClain and Ms. Ptomey were Angie McClain, daughter-in-law of Mrs. McClain; members of the bridge club, Jan Roach, Arlene Nettles, Colleen Petrey, Mary Lee Howard and Dot Burkette.

Table decorations were beautiful fresh flowers from the garden of Arlene Nettles. Lunch was very tasty chicken salad and fruit; a twenty-fifth anniversary cake with “appropriate” card decorations; plus birthday cheesecakes celebrating birthdays of Drusilla Feachen and Dot Burkette.

Attending the luncheon were guests Angie and Mary Ella McClain; bridge guests from Florala, JoAnne Carpenter, Anne McKenzie and Hilda Joiner; from Andalusia, Joyce Fuller. 1990 Bridge “regulars” attending were Barbara McClain, Frances Ptomey, Arlene Nettles, Betty Baldwin, Mary Lee Howard, Dottie Spencer, Jan Roach, Dot Burkett, Dru Feachen, Colleen Petrey, Virginia Brawner, and Ellen Rose.

Dottie Spencer, Anne McKenzie and Hilda Joiner were winners of lovely hanging baskets of Geraniums and Periwinkles. Betty Baldwin won the “one-eyed jack” potted plant prize.