June colors abundant around Andalusia

Published 12:06 am Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peeping through my Venetian blind, I noted the various colors of June – the green figs, red blooms of the pomegranate, yellow of the lightning bug, and blue of the hydrangea.

I saw, too, Miss Cora Covington, heading my way.

Welcoming her at my door, I invited her in for a good “gossip.” I have been away, nursing ill relatives, and wanted to hear the “latest.”

By the way, gentle reader, I may be called away at any time to tend to ailing relatives; so, if I “disappear” for a time, do not be surprised.

The month of May brought to a conclusion the end of the Sesquicentennial, the 150th remembrance of the War Between the States. Lee had surrendered in April, and others surrendered in May. Some went off to foreign fields and never surrendered.

Some 20 tons of gunpowder, captured from the Confederacy, exploded in Mobile; some 300 died.

Gen. E. K. Smith’s Confederate forces became the last major group of Southern troops to surrender.

President Andrew Johnson granted amnesty to most rebels.

“The War” ended?

Once again, I ask the citizens of Andalusia to join the Covington Historical Society and pay its annual dues of $25 to help preserve the history of our county, whether you attend meetings or not. Mail to CHS, P.O. Box 1582, Andalusia, Alabama 36420.

The mysterian is Miss Mattie Waters. Who was she?

A tradition of the Andalusia High School for decades has been senior parties. Below is just one of the many attended this year.

Hampton Glenn, Class of 2015 and son of Shannon and Wynne Glenn, was feted with a graduation party, “Andalucia Fiesta,” Sunday afternoon, May 3. Hosts and hostesses were Tripp and Regina Bass, Blaine and Andrea Wilson, Walter and Paula Sue Duebelt, and Jimmy and Sue Wilson. Tables were decorated with vivid, multi-color coverings and Mexican-style décor. A wall backdrop, consisting of a serape and sombreros decorated an area where groups of Hampton’s classmates were photographed. The scrumptious fiesta included tacos and all the trimmings, nachos and cheese dip, specially ordered, congratulatory cake in the likeness of a robed graduate, rainbow popsicles, and iced drinks.

Party fiesta plates and napkins adorned the serving table.

A guessing game, using a dry eraser board, was led by Wynne Glenn, utilizing scenes and memories of AHS familiar to the guests.

Friends, blindfolded, were given a swing at a piñata, which, when burst, revealed candy and a surprise gift certificate for Hampton to fly this summer to New York City to see two Broadway musicals, Wicked and Jersey Boys, as well as a tour of the sites.

A custom-made, T-shirt quilt was presented the honoree by Sondra Ramsden, long-time friend of the Glenn family.

This senior party was staged at the Wilson barn on the WAAO transmitter site on the edge of town.

Paternal grandmother, aunt, and uncle, Lynn Glenn, Leigh Missildine, and Jason Glenn, traveled from Tallassee for the occasion.

Recent birthdays are those of Victoria, queen of England; Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and essayist; Thomas Moore, Irish poet; Patrick Henry, American patriot who said, “Give me liberty or give me death”; G. K. Chesterton, English writer; Edward Elgar, English composer of “Pomp and Circumstance,” the march used for graduation exercises; Thomas Hardy, English novelist/poet; Jefferson Davis, first and only president of the Confederate States of America; D-Day, the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944; Robert Schumann, composer; and John Payne, American creator of “Home, Sweet Home.”

Now, gentle reader, allow me to join Buffalo Bob Smith in encouraging each of us to be in his place of worship this weekend, Lord willing.

Fare thee well.