Opp OKs sewer service for Ellis Road

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Opp Utilities Board on Monday voted to help residents on Ellis Road who are in a stinky situation.

Resident Terry Barnes addressed the board asking if he and others on the road could receive city sewerage services.

They live in the Opp City Limits.

Barnes said he polled residents, all of whom said they were interested in getting on city sewer.

“The problem has been here for a while,” he said. “I’ve talked to neighbors who said they built 20 years ago and within six years they have had problems.”

Barnes said the problem is bad soil.

Additionally, he said that many residents have liquid sewage on the ground.

Board member Arlin Davis said he’s worked at many of the residents’ homes and can vouch for the necessity of the service.

Board member Bobby Ray Owens said there are about 16 houses on the road.

Davis said the city is not in the business of making money off of the service.

Board member Skip Spurlin said the board had to start recovering its costs.

“Raw sewage is not supposed to be on the ground within the city limits,” Owens said.

Board member Joe Richburg was concerned about the residents leaving Opp if the board didn’t offer them the service.

“Would you rather he pick up and move to Andalusia,” Richburg said.

There are vacant lots on the road and city sewerage service could help those lots sell, board members agreed.

General Manager Stacey Parker said the board had yet to implement the recommended sewer and water rate increases.

Parker also said the board has money in the account to pay for the homes to convert to the city sewerage system.

“We have sufficient funds to do it because we sold the cable system,” he said.

Spurlin agreed to vote in favor of the measure if the board would implement adjusted rates in the future.

“I want it guaranteed that we will pay attention to our rate study,” he said.

The board agreed.