Water project could help fire hydrant pressure

Published 12:01 am Thursday, June 18, 2015

The City of Opp Utilities Board on Monday discussed a project that would improve the water pressure in the city’s fire hydrants, which proved to be an issue at a recent fire.

Bob Carter of Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood presented plans to the board for water line improvements from Covington Avenue to Douglas Avenue.

As part of a city of Opp project, Douglas Avenue will soon be repaved.

Carter’s plan is to add a 6-inch pipe to replace the current 2-inch water pipe.

The total project, which Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood is working on would cost the board $750,000.

The board will have the opportunity to do the project in phases, if it wishes.

The project would include water meter relocation for some homeowners in the area, but it would not come at a cost to those residents.