Locals react to flag removal

Published 12:03 am Thursday, June 25, 2015

Local reaction to Gov. Robert Bentley’s order to remove Confederate flags from the state Capitol was for the most part – opposition.

On Wednesday, Bentley told reporters he made the order to prevent distraction for the upcoming special section in which the legislature must pass a General Fund budget. They previously passed one in the regular session, but Bentley vetoed it.

The Confederate flag has also drawn much attention after a gunman killed nine people in a black church in Charleston, S.C.

Star-News Facebook followers shared their opinions on the issue.

Angie Holt voiced her support of Bentley.

“Finally proud of our governor,” she said.

Jama Jenkins said there is plenty to be proud of in the South.

“The architecture, the food, the music, brilliant authors such as William Faulkner, Walker Percy, Andrew Lytle and Flannery O’Connor,” she said. “A history of violence and racism is not something to be proud of or cling to. If you want to do your southern heritage justice, fold up the flag and read a book.”

Sarah Miller was for it, too.

“Y’all act like getting rid of the Confederate flag means they lost the war or something,” she said. “Oh, my bad, they did. That’s why we are Americans today. That’s why we pledge allegiance to the American flag in schools every morning.”

Others passionately disagreed with the governor’s decision.

“People, he walked into a church and killed people,” said Amanda Griggs. “It has nothing to do with racism. He is just an evil person. Next, they will close all the churches so that no one else will get killed. No one but he knows why he did it. So, stop trying to find reason with history.”

Others were upset they didn’t get to vote on the flag’s removal.

“I don’t remember voting on that,” said Chuck Willis. “Isn’t our government supposed to represent the citizens? Aren’t they public servants? It’s time for a revolution!”

John Major Parker said that erasing history is a shame.

“Politicians will do anything for votes,” he said.

Michael Riley agreed.

“Sad how that part of history has to be hidden because it offends some people, yet those same people want to relive other bad parts of history day in and day out,” he said. “Hiding it won’t make it better. Hiding won’t change the past. Gotta move on at some point. Accept the fact that the past is the past and it won’t change unless we let it go.”

Billy Norsworthy said, “seems they have forgotten the history and meaning of the Confederate flag. So sad! But mine at my house will continue to fly.”

Jean Walker said hers would fly, too.

“It has nothing to do with slavery,” she said. “Does anyone care that a lot of people are offended that it was removed? We are all supposed to be Americans.”