Interest increased for splash pad in Opp

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mayor John Bartholomew said in Monday night’s council meeting he had seen a lot of interest in the splash pad that was announced in mid-June.

Bartholomew said so much interested the city is going to make it larger and move it to a larger area.

It was announced that a splash paid with 12 jets in the ground would be placed on the campus of the new Opp Utilities Board.

The splash pad was part of $35,000 in landscaping for the new building.

That project was slated to be paid for out of funds from the sale of Opp Cablevision.

Bartholomew said details were still being worked out.

It was unclear how much the splash pad would cost or where exactly it would be located.

However, Bartholomew said he is hopeful that an amenity such as this would draw visitors from out of town to the City of Opportunity.