Why weren’t Tennessee Marines armed?

Published 12:21 am Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not much information at this time of writing (17 July 2015 0322 GMT) has been released about the Marines that were victims of homicide at recruiting stations in Tennessee. What the pundits have said, however, is that they were unarmed.

My question is simple: How can this be? How can Marines on duty be unarmed? How can this happen, especially considering that numerous warnings were provided by our government about the elevated threats that occurred by the convergence of Ramadan and the 4th of July? Who are those Marine’s commanding officers that forced them to remain unarmed?

I am fully supportive of those commanding officers to be subject to the UCMJ (Code of Military Justice) to be held accountable, up to the point of being court-martialed and receive appropriate treatment for their dereliction of duty.


Walter Boyd,

former decorated Navy officer