Straughn’s quest for best prep stadium

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Straughn High School enters the championship round in’s quest to find Alabama’s best high school football stadium.

Straughn, who is a five-seed in the polls, has gone up against No. one seeds the past two weeks and has blown them each out of the water.

Week in and week out the Straughn faithful have showed tremendous support in the outpouring of votes, prompting voters from their opponents to question their voting methods.’s Paul Beaudry quickly squashed the rumors that Straughn might have been cheating by telling the accusers that Straughn fans had been “voting their tails off.”

Beaudry also helped dispel accusations that Straughn shouldn’t be considered, because it’s stadium doesn’t compare to the well-to-do 6A and 7A stadiums with loads of money to pour into a high school football stadium.

Beaudry stated that “best” is a subjective term, and doesn’t have to be based on looks alone.

If it were, Straughn wouldn’t stand a chance against these other schools who have way more money to put into the stadium than the small country school in south Alabama.

“It’s just a Straughn way of life,” Manish Patel said of the overwhelming support of the Straughn family during the voting process.

Unlike most of the bigger schools, Tiger Stadium is maintained, cleaned, updated and the field painted by coaches, parents and members of the Straughn community.

“It’s the investment by its people,” Straughn supporter Bettina Shiver said. “I’ve seen two fathers laying tile in the field house on Sunday afternoon with no one around to recognize their contribution, mothers that clean the locker room on Thursday nights and pray over their boys and fans with no children on the fields who are willing to man the concession stands and fundraising booths.”

This week, Straughn goes up against North winner Albertville and Central winner Hewitt-Trussville. has thrown a bit of a twist into the final round of voting. Unlike the previous rounds, the championship round will not show vote totals after a vote is submitted. Schools will have to wait until Aug. 6 to find out the winner.