Could a pool be in Opp’s future?

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Opp resident Anne Neese told the Opp council Monday night she wants the city to build a new pool.

“First of all, we need a pool,” she said. “It’s not for me. It’s for the whole town.”

Neese said that from what she understands that the pool would have six lanes, which she said is perfect for holding swim meets.

“We could have a swim team,” she said. “My grandchild has driven to Andalusia. I know of others who have been driven farther.”

Neese said it would be a functional thing for Opp.

“People will come,” she said. “When we have swim meets, we have at least 120-200 people there. It’s a three-day event. Not a one-night event. I know there are a lot of people who will benefit from this. Use it as a complex to have outside activities.”

Neese reiterated that it could bring in money.

“Call Mr. (Michael) Smithart (OCS superintendent) to see if we can get some additional money from him,” she said. “This will not only benefit our children; it will benefit our city.”

Neese said she’d like to see the city work with the hospital to allow for winter swimming for the swim team.

Neese polled the council and all gave a definitive yes that they thought there needed to be a pool, except Councilman Mike Booth, who said he wasn’t sure.

A pool project was put on hold in February when the city cited financial obligations at the airport.

Last August, Mayor John Bartholomew had hoped the project would be completed by summer.

In 2014, the city of Opp announced that the projected cost of the veteran’s pool project was $1.25 million.

The project is expected to include a state-of-the-art facility, which will feature a splash area for children; a waterfall monument with etchings of the nation’s conflicts; and a pavilion, which will be equipped with a small kitchenette, available for party rental, as well as restroom facilities.

Last month, Bartholomew said there had been a lot of interest in a splash pad that was announced in mid-June that was planned to be set-up on the new utilities board campus.

Bartholomew said so much interest the city had decided it would make it larger and move to a larger area.

The council did not indicate which way they would advance.