Would-be ‘Mr. Two Bits’ appreciates local support

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 10, 2015

University of Florida grad student Chris Yanes said he wasn’t the least bit surprised at the amount of support he received from Auburn and Alabama fans in his bid to become UF’s “Mr. Two Bits.”


“The SEC is a conference of tradition, and no matter what school, there is respect for the traditions of each institution,” Yanes said.

His father, John Yanes, recently became the CEO of Andalusia Regional Hospital, and the rest of the family relocated here this summer.

“My parents have been raving about the Southern hospitality of southern Alabama, and especially Andalusia,” he said.

His bid to be Mr. Two Bits fell slightly short, although he was in the lead several times in balloting. Already, he has resolved to win the title next year.

“I want to run again is because it is a dream of mine to be Mr. Two Bits and they say you shouldn’t give up on your dreams,” he said. “You are supposed to get up after you fall and come back stronger the next time. Hopefully, we will have more clarity on the rules next year and plan ahead to reach out to organizations in advance.”

Meanwhile, he’s looking forward to enjoying another football season as a Gator.

“And I hope to really grow as a person, student, and professional over the next year,” he said.

The younger Yanes earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a minor in sustainability and a minor in urban planning, and is currently pursuing a master’s in urban planning. He is a fourth generation Gator.